Healthy and Hearty Autumn Baby Food Recipes

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Whether just starting to wean your baby or looking for new and interesting ways to make mealtimes more enjoyable, there are plenty of autumn-inspired baby food recipes your little one is sure to love. The amazing foods of autumn – pears, apples, acorns, and winter squashes like butternut to name a few – are perfect for pureeing and can also be used in preparing tasty, nutritious meals if your baby is just beginning their journey into solid foods.

Finding baby food recipes to appeal to your little one’s individual tastes can be tricky. As a modern parent, you already have enough challenges to overcome without having to worry about making meals your baby is going to enjoy. Therefore, we have produced this handy guide just for you, which includes recipes that will satisfy all different palates; however, remember to ensure that the ingredients are appropriate for your baby’s dietary needs. All things being equal, these recipes will make your little one’s foodie dreams come true. Not sure your baby is having foodie dreams yet? Well, they will once they get a taste of these delightful dishes, created specifically with infants in mind.

Hearty harvest time apple puree Nothing says autumn like an apple harvest. There was once a time when harvests were what autumn was most famous for, and the same amount of passion and energy that went into bringing them in should go into making your baby’s food. For a puree packed full of flavour and healthy vitamins, choose the freshest apples you can find; core, peel and crush them before adding earthy nutmeg for a classic taste of autumn. Bake, then mash as needed for your baby’s texture stage, and hey presto – you have a yummy apple puree that will surely put a smile on their face.

Downright delightful desiccated coconut porridge Want to acquaint your bundle of joy with more exotic flavours? With this delicious coconut porridge, you can. Ideal for babies between seven and eight months, or those who have already been introduced to yoghurt, this recipe is a hit for parents wondering how to make baby food more interesting. A breakfast mixture that lets your little one lap up healthy grains, the addition of desiccated coconut turns an already tasty meal into a sweet treat that they will want again and again.

Beautiful baby-friendly banana bread puree


Many grown-ups love the taste of freshly baked banana bread – sweet, comforting, what better to eat on a crisp autumn evening? Now your baby can experience the deliciousness, too. All it takes is a few simple steps to create a banana bread puree that is not only scrumptious but also contains plenty of potassium, fibre and other vitamins vital to your baby’s health. You can serve this meal warm or cold – no need to worry about temperature when something tastes this good.


Palatable pears perfect for baking


Pears are incredibly versatile when it comes to baby food recipes; there is always a new way for your little one to enjoy them. If first stage weaning recipes are what you need, peel, cut and core fresh pears before sprinkling with a mild spice like ginger or nutmeg, and then bake until golden brown. Once they are out of the oven, slip off the skins and puree to your baby’s liking, or dice into delicious finger foods – both are healthy, hearty meal options for growing infants.


Amazingly appetizing acorn squash puree


Made using just two ingredients, this tasty autumn baby treat promises to become a mealtime favourite. Roasting the squash not only softens the fruit but also caramelizes it, bringing out the natural flavours. Acorn squash is packed with essential nutrients to help your baby grow, making it a great addition to their diet. Whipped up into a fluffy, cloud-like texture, your little one will be gobbling up this mild yet flavourful puree all through the autumn.

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