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The Water Babies Journey

We take babies from birth – and you’ll be astonished by what they can achieve! They’ll have great fun while all the time building their confidence and independence in the water.

  • Baby Swimming

    Bonding, safety, confidence, strength, co-ordination, learning skills, wellbeing… we’ve loads of great reasons to get splashy!


Watery Photo Shoots

When it comes to underwater baby & toddler photography, nobody does it better than us!

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Take a peek at our little swimming stars, and imagine how incredible your own little one could look!
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What People Say

  • Joan & Esme

    Taking our daughter Esme swimming at only 10 weeks old was quite daunting, especially because she was born 5 weeks premature. We never regret it! It's the best thing we did and we strongly believe it has helped her development. We will never forget our Water Babies experiences and teachers!

    Joan & Esme South West
  • Rachel & Betty

    We love Water Babies!  Even though Betty went through the wobbles for a fair few months, we persisted and she's come out the other side loving it even more and super confident!

    Rachel & Betty Devon

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Little ideas from Little Dish!
Little ideas from Little Dish!

We've been speaking to Little Dish who have shared their top 5 tips for getting your little ones interested in their food... “At Little Dish we believe in making delicious, healthy food for children without adding salt or sugar. Over the years we’ve learnt how to create tastes children love without taking shortcuts. Here are our top tips for happy tummies and empty plates!” Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Squeeze half a lemon onto steamed broccoli florets or green beans for a tasty twist. Little helpers will love being in charge of the squeezing! Chop, chop! Ask your little one to use their children’s… Read more

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Meet our first Little Heroes Awards winner!
Meet our first Little Heroes Awards winner!

Meet the first of our Little Heroes Award winners, 2 year old Evalyn Carr from Blidworth! Born with a rare brain migration disorder called Pachygyria, Evalyn is unable to talk, sit, crawl or walk - but she can swim! Evalyn suffers with epilepsy, muscle spasms, muscle weakness and cerebral palsy, there is sadly no cure and treatment is therapeutic, with hydrotherapy being the best therapy available.  Evalyn’s mum Michelle came across Water Babies when Evalyn was six months old and has never…

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Date Posted. 30th November
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