Welcome To Oceans Of Imagination

Learning to swim has never been so immersive

Welcome To A World Of Swimagination

There are few things in life more important than teaching little ones how to swim. 

Our Oceans of Imagination puts children at the heart to give a lifelong love of swimming. The immersive programme has been built around engaging water quests and missions for little ones between 0–5-years old, to learn core aquatic skills, water safety and swimming strokes. 

Through reward and recognition of their swimming progression, this will incentivise children to learn and progress as well as help them and their families, to gain a deeper understanding of the value of learning to swim.

The Origin Story

Spending time hanging out in the deep channels that separate their island homes, Bubba the Whale made friends with a group of swimming superstars who lived on the land, but who explored, trained, and played in the crystal-clear waters. 

Summoning them together with one mighty whale-call, he gave them a mission that would really fire their imaginations. 

Renaming them ‘The Swimvincibles’, he sent them on a journey to share their swimming skills and love of the water with babies and young children through fun adventures and play. 

Because Bubba wants every child to have the best start in life - he knows that swimming is a superpower… and superpowers need to be shared. 

Meet The Swimvincibles

There's a new team in town!

Introducing The Swimvincibles. This playful bunch have ventured from their magical islands and are on a quest to bring water confidence, share their swimming skills and love of the water with babies and young children through fun adventures and play. With unique skill sets and distinct personalities, their stories inspire our children to be swimming superstars.

As they journey through the “Oceans of Imagination”, little ones will be guided by our team of Swimvincibles on their own, individual adventure, tailored to their needs, earning special treasures and rewards along the way.

Explore Our Islands

We have four magical islands for your little one to discover – they cover a mix of core aquatic skills, swimming strokes and water safety milestones, created and defined with our Water Babies in mind. Each week you'll visit a different island, and with the help of our Swimvincibles; learn key swimming skills to build your little ones water confidence.

Cloudfish Cove is where swimming strokes rule and home to Finn where you'll perfect your swimming strokes. You'll visit Sculli on Floating Forest to practice your core aquatic skills. On Lighthouse Lagoon, alongside Saffi, you'll work on everything Water Safety. You'll also take a trip to Mystery Island where legend says this remote island can become whatever you want it to be.

Age 0-1

What skills will my little one learn?

In their first year with us, your little one will begin a brilliant foundation in swimming. 

We’re passionate about holistic learning, and our water quests and adventures are tailored to every stage, prioritising your little ones personal development, and nurturing every little mind, body and soul through swimming and play. 

For babies, our classes provide a sensory playground and give parents and little ones the bonding time that’s so important; but as children get older, the program has the scope to develop as they do – becoming more engaging and deepening in relevance and meaning.

We'll help them kick their legs, while reaching for toys in the pool will encourage them to stretch out to develop their swimming arms. They'll start their first steps in aquatic breathing through activities like blowing bubbles (and you'll get to join in the fun too). Their first underwater swims will gently build on their natural gag reflex, and they'll soon learn how to control their breath so it becomes a learned action.  

We'll also work on building their physical ability and strengthening their core. Floating is a key part of the first year, as it forms the foundation of learning to swim and helps with water confidence. And at the heart of everything we do is safety. We'll teach your baby to hold on to the side of the pool and the basics of how to respond in an emergency situation. 

When you're ready, we're ready.

Age 1-3

What skills will my little one learn?

At the age when a child’s progression really comes to the forefront, learning to swim can be a platform for progression in other areas.

Oceans of Imagination’ introduces immersive, fantastical worlds and dynamic characters that will take little ones on a vibrant and stimulating learning journey. Using tried and tested techniques, we’ve created an experience where learners will unlock new challenges as their skills develop and uncover missions around core aquatic skills, swimming strokes, and water safety milestones that will help them grow their water confidence.

We'll build on the fundamental skills they've learnt in the first year, and with your support help them to gain more independence. They'll now start to use their arms and legs on their own and be able to travel small distances in the water by themselves. We'll use songs, games and activities to help them learn through guided play. They'll be introduced to our 'Echo school', which will help them learn basic life skills like counting, sorting and identifying colours. Their technique will have improved too and we'll now start to introduce them to basic breaststroke. 

Their aquatic breathing will now have developed, and they'll start to blow bubbles rhythmically. This is important in developing their front crawl technique, and we'll encourage them to start to roll to breathe when swimming short distances. 

Ready to start swimming?

Age 3-5

What skills will my little one learn?

Using gamification techniques learners will unlock new challenges as their skills develop and uncover missions around core aquatic skills, swimming strokes, and water safety milestones.

Now your little one is really showing off their strength. They'll learn to push off from the wall on their front and back, working on that important streamlining. They will also gain confidence to swim without trying to touch the floor or using any floats, and we'll develop their independence more so they're able to swim longer distances. 

They'll learn how to swim down to the pool floor and pick up an object, and will be able to sit and dive into the water independently and swim using their awesome technique. We'll teach them how to perform a roly-poly in the water, that long-term could become a fancy tumble-turn!  

Through Echo school, we'll work on their language skills and we'll encourage them to discuss their favourite activities. And now, not only can they save themselves, but they'll also be able to demonstrate how to help a friend in danger and recognise the safety flags at the beach.

So not only will they be super little swimmers, but they will have learnt lots of skills to prepare them for school and their confidence will be boundless graduating Water Babies as the newest members of our Swimvincibles.