New resolutions to keep (or break again)!

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Each year we promise ourselves to change, quit or start something new. So if you haven’t already here are some New Year resolutions for 2015 that you might want to pick…

1. Lose weight - A favourite for most, especially after over eating and indulging on turkey, cheese, Christmas pudding, mince pies, chocolate, mulled wine…. (wow, who else ate too much?).

2. Go to baby groups - A great way for you and your little one to meet new friends, share interests, stories or worries with others… who knows, you might make a new best friend.

3. Have 'me-time’ once a week - It’s important for new mums to take time out for themselves. Even if it’s just half an hour once a week in the bath with bubbles and your favourite book.

4. Conquer a fear - Maybe not the easiest on the list, but how good would it feel to be able to look at a spider in the eyes instead of running for the hills? Let this be the year you beat that fear!

5. Reconnect with an old friend - Have you lost contact, or drifted apart from a friend that once played a big part in your life? It’s easier now than ever to reconnect, so what are you waiting for? It just takes that first step!

6. Learn a new recipe - Dust off your recipe books, grab your mixer and learn a new recipe a week (or every month) and introduce your family to new foods.

7. Visit a new place - Grab a map, close your eyes and pick a location. Or put your top 5 places you want to visit in a hat and pick one out. Don’t forget to book time off work and to pack your camera.

8. Have more family nights - Decide on a week-night to get the family together to play board games or watch a movie. Our favourites are Pictionary, Scrabble and Monopoly… cue the cheating and arguments over who’s the dog!

9. Start a new hobby - Whether it be yoga, sewing, learning a language, or playing a sport, sign up and grab a friend - you’re more likely to go when you have someone else to join you.

10. Quit a bad habit - None of us are perfect, we all have one or more bad habits that we should probably stop… what’s yours?

11. Start … - Make the impossible possible. Even if your resolution is to stop something. You’ll only make a change if you start!

Best of luck and Happy New Year!

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