We're on ITV This Morning!

Our co-founder, Paul Thompson, is joining Ruth and Eamonn on ITV's This Morning to discuss how the Water Babies way of teaching differs to the ISR programme.

With drowning still the third highest cause of accidental death among children in the UK, at Water Babies we teach vital safety techniques from birth (our youngest was just 1 day old!). Little ones have a natural affinity with water, and they possess amazing natural reflexes in water: at Water Babies, we work with these to develop your child’s confidence and skills in the pool.

There's a pattern to the way babies learn and the way their little bodies develop, and our lessons are all designed with this in mind.

Our method of introducing babies to underwater swimming is very gentle, gradual and carefully controlled. Babies do have natural reflexes, preventing water entering their lungs when their faces are submerged. Although we capitalise on the fact that babies will remember their effect, using easily understandable voice commands, we essentially train our Water Babies to control their breathing before any reflex is stimulated. Babies quickly become familiar with the way we work and are soon able to recognise the commands which precipitate an underwater swim. This, combined with the fact that we’ll never swim a baby against their wishes, helps to develop the confidence you see among our tiny clients.