Our history

Welcome to the enchanting world of Water Babies!

“We started Water Babies in 2002, inspired by how much we loved taking our own daughter Imani, and then our son Jai, to learn to swim. For us, there’s no greater thrill than seeing a baby move freely, gracefully and confidently through water in a way they physically can’t manage on dry land.

“We quickly realised just how beneficial it can be to learn to swim at a very young age. So we built on those benefits, slowly growing our business and watching as other people caught the excitement of Water Babies.

“I’m proud to tell you that we've now grown into the world's biggest and best baby and toddler swimming company, teaching over 50,000 children in around 560 pools every week through a network of family businesses around the UK (and beyond).

“We’ve travelled the world to research swimming and child development, and to source the very best equipment and products.

“Come and join the enchanting world of Water Babies — and let’s teach your baby to swim!”