Swim, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

There are endless benefits of baby swimming, which supports little ones emotional, social and cognitive development as they grow.

There are endless benefits of baby swimming, which supports little ones emotional, social, and cognitive development as they grow. Swimming though has great physical benefits for babies and toddlers, which will stay with them for life.​

Research has revealed baby swimming can improve both little one's appetites and sleeping patterns – which is a win-win for everyone!​

At Water Babies, we support all families as they progress throughout their parenting journey. We’ve partnered with baby sleep experts Sweet Dreamers, and children’s healthy snacks provider BEAR Snacks to share advice on how to ensure your little ones get the best night sleep and enjoy a nutritious snack after their swimming lesson. Creating the perfect routine which will physically benefit your little one. So, let’s get ready to…​

Swim, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.​

Enter our Swim, Eat, Sleep, Repeat competition

This week we'll be bringing you lots of information and advice about how swimming positively impacts your little ones eating and sleeping habits with our friends Ewan the dream sheep and friends and BEAR Snacks. We'll also hear from our Global Brand Ambassador, Alice Dearing, about her experience of swimming and the physical benefits it can bring!

To kick off the week, we're giving you the chance to win a swimming essentials bundle for you and your little one including...

  • A Water Babies Happy Nappy DUO
  •  A healthy snack bundle from BEAR Snacks
  •  A Ewan Deluxe from Sweet Dreamers to help with that post swim nap 

Head over to our Facebook page to find out how to enter our amazing competiton.

Good luck everyone! 


Our partners

We’ve partnered with two great brands to help us raise awareness of the benefits swimming has on little ones.

BEAR Snacks provide little ones with real fruit snacks, made with 100% natural ingredients. With a variety of treats suitable for all ages, they’ll be providing some nutritional top-tips for children to enjoy after their swimming lessons and beyond.

Sweet Dreamers are the baby sleep experts, bringing a calm and peaceful sleep to two million babies and their families since 2008. They’ll be on hand to provide some advice to help little ones with their sleep routine, which is a win-win for everyone.

Read more about the benefits of baby swimming

What are the benefits of baby swimming?
What are the benefits of baby swimming?
What are the benefits of baby swimming?
What are the benefits of baby swimming?

Thinking about starting an activity with your little one? Let @chessieking tell you why it should be swimming! 💦

👶 We swim little ones from birth all the way up to age 5, and it's never too early or late to get your child in the water learning an essential skill and building their confidence.

So start swimming today, click the link in our bio to find a class near you! 💙🧡

Why should I take my baby swimming?

There are so many benefits to baby swimming lessons. Not only are our lessons brilliant for your child's development, they're also the perfect place to bond with your little one.

Build their strength quicker

Swimming strengthens your little one's heart and lungs, as well as their arm, leg and neck muscles. All this helps with their coordination and balance. It even aids a healthy appetite and improves their sleeping pattern.

Enhance the bond between you

Focused time in the water builds the bond between you and your baby, through skin-to-skin and eye contact. Swimming gives you that time to really connect, away from the demands of daily life.

Teach them water safety

There's nothing more important than your child's safety. Teaching them vital safety skills from the get-go prevents them from developing a fear of the water later and gives them the knowledge to keep themselves safe, wherever they are.

Give them life confidence

When your little one grasps a new skill, this sense of achievement gives them the confidence to try new things. So you'll soon see them flourish in and out of the water.

Develop their social skills

The pool is the ideal place for your little one to develop their social interaction as they play with other babies in the class. It's also a brilliant way for you to meet other like-minded parents too!

Accelerate their learning ability

All the movements that your little one learns in the water strengthen those brain connections. Research has shown that the time your baby spends swimming can put them months ahead with mathematical reasoning and reading.

How our lessons work

Our lessons are intimate, with a maximum of 10 little ones, a carer per child and one of our teachers in the pool at any one time.

They're 30 minutes long and take place each week, so it's a wonderful way to bond with your baby away from the craziness of life. 

Skills are taught through song, play and repetition, so there's never a dull moment when you're in the pool. 

Our teachers will tailor each lesson to your little one's ability, so it's only when they're ready that we're ready.

Ready to start swimming?