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Updated baby swimming guidelines

With an estimated nearly half a million babies and toddlers taking part in swimming lessons in the UK every year, it’s crucial that everyone involved in the delivery of these lessons works to consistently high standards, so that children are safe to enjoy the water, while parents and carers have… Read more

Drown-proofing your child - the baby swimming industry speaks out

Baby swimming is a wonderful sensory activity, with lots of benefits for both you and your little one. But in recent times, videos showing distressed young children being taught so-called ‘drown-proofing’ methods have been going viral across social media and gaining increased media attention in the UK. Classes promoting these… Read more

Drowning Prevention Week - top safety tips!

Whether or not you’re taking your little one swimming, you should never take your eye off them - or be out of arm's reach - whenever they're in, or around, water. In some instances, children can be so supremely confident around water that you'll need to be particularly on your… Read more

Drowning Prevention Week!

To mark Drowning Prevention Week (16-26 June), Water Babies is teaming up with Mini First Aid, experts in baby and child first aid. Parents, grandparents and carers will be able to meet and learn from Mini First Aid trainers from 16-26 June as they attend Water… Read more

Drowning Prevention Week – WIN free Water Babies lessons!

Summer’s here and the combination of holidays, sunshine, water and children is a seductive, but potentially lethal, mix. It seems the danger is greater on holiday because parents relax and have a false sense of security around water. A major factor in drowning is the initial shock of falling into… Read more