Meet our Dippers

Meet Ali

"I love being a Dipper for Water Babies, so much so that I wanted to share my love and help up-skill others. After being a Dipper for several years, I began tutoring and mentoring other experienced teachers in the network. As part of the Dipper Tutoring team, we run courses so that our teachers can progress their skills and challenge themselves.

The course is an intensive two days in the pool. This is then followed by a photo shoot where they’re mentored through the process before they have a final assessment. The whole process takes a healthy six to nine months to complete in total.

I really enjoy tutoring our teachers who are passionate about giving this unique opportunity to our carers. They’re key in helping us to capture beautiful, ever-lasting underwater photos of the little ones we teach. The job is fun, rewarding and allows me to work with our family of teachers from all around the world."