Friendships at Water Babies

Classes With Us Are a Safe and Judgement-Free Space for Parents to Come Together as Friends

A Water Babies swimming class is the best opportunity for parents to meet new people and bond over shared experiences. 

Friends are your chosen family, and at Water Babies, we have endless stories from customers who have met friends for life through their lessons. Hear their stories and find a class of your own today.

Leah's Story

"Through Water Babies, Freya and I have made the best group of friends with Laura, Nathalie, Adele and Harkiran along with their gorgeous little babies. I do not know how I would have made it this far in motherhood without them. We do everything together and I’m so grateful to Water Babies for bringing us all together  I constantly say that I’m so thankful I went out of my comfort zone after the dreadful lockdowns to take my first class. I was meaning to book for a while but always held back and one day I decided to just do it and book our classes, the best decision ever!" - Leah, Water Babies customer

In 2017, a survey of over 2k mothers by video parenting site Channel Mum revealed:​​

  • 90% of mums in the UK admit to feeling lonely since having children.​
  • 54% admitted they felt more “friendless” since giving birth.​
  • 80% said they want more “mummy friends” however, 30% said they have never started a conversation with another mother that led them to becoming friends. These figures are expected to increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Adele's Story

"I was super anxious to start water babies but knew the benefits for Oliver out weighed my anxiety. When I met Nathalie, Laura and Leah I felt like I'd slipped straight into the friendship group they'd already made through Water Babies. I am super grateful, we now meet regularly, the babies are growing up together and we even have a WhatsApp group. if it wasn't for water babies I wouldn't have made such wonderful mumma friends who we always turn to for advice!"  -Adele, Water Babies customer

I was meaning to book for a while but always held back and one day I decided to just do it and book our classes, the best decision ever!

If it wasn't for water babies I wouldn't have made such wonderful mumma friends who we always turn to for advice! I would also like to thank Becky Edwards for being so lovely for the nearly 3 chapters she taught Oliver. ❤️


Water Babies is FAB

My son and I have loved our water babies journey - it's great fun and teaches important skills not only swimming but how to be safe - and FLOAT!!

Trusted Customer


Service is great, couldn’t fault it on anything. I’m more than happy and not only that so is my daughter. I was apprehensive at first and it took me a while to finally decide for Kyra to start Water Babies but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Absolutely phenomenal.


At Water Babies, we provide a safe and judgement free space for parents to come together and help to give their children the best start in life through baby swimming. Not only can you make friends easily in Water Babies classes but your baby or toddler will experience the following benefits:

  • Classes taught by the world's best trained baby and early years swimming teachers
  • Boost their physical development by exercising their muscles, joints, heart and lungs
  • Increase their cognitive abilities through a structured learning environment
  • Socialising with other children in a relaxed setting

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Sami's Story - 9 Years of Friendship

I started Water Babies February 2013 with my little boy Jaxx at not even 12 weeks old. We were so excited to get him swimming to learn to be safe in and around the water as it was something I never learnt as a child. Little did I know that I would not just be teaching my little boy to swim but from day 1 of swimming I met my best friend Michelle. She joined Water Babies with Joseph the same day and we have been inseparable since. Not only myself and her but our boys. Jaxx and Joseph are amazing friends 9 years later!

We added to the clan and the Water Babies family with our youngest boys too. Although my youngest Arlo who is 4  and Michelle's youngest Samuel who is 5 never swam at the same time they are also best friends and still to this day we have regular play dates with our boys. Thanks to Water Babies we both have amazing confident swimmers and have made a friendship for life! 

To add to this amazing experience I have also become a Water Babies Teacher myself. I love everything about Water Babies, not just the teaching little people to swim but the friendship it can bring. The best thing I have ever done is join Water Babies as a parent and now continue my journey also as a teacher. - Sami, Water Babies customer

Becci's Friendship Story

Polly and I made good friends with Becci and little Elspeth when we moved classes from a Monday to a Saturday when Polly was around 4.5 months old. At first I was hesitant about going to Everlast because of the communal changing room however my nerves soon disappeared when I met Becci, we talked about anything and everything. 

When Becci had to stop taking Elspeth swimming to have her 2nd baby we made a plan to have mum dates and play dates for the girls. Polly and Elspeth often get mistaken for twins as they are very similar in looks and personality which is makes for funny introductions! - Becci, Water Babies customer

Absolutely wonderful experience for us right from the start!

The children all got on well and so we started meeting after the class and swimming together on Sunday mornings. 7 years on and we have a fantastic friendship group of 4 families who just click together beautifully when we all meet. The friendships have grown stronger over the years and we all look back on our time at water babies together very fondly as we continue to support each other through life’s ups and downs.

Benn G

Lots of fun and laughter through the friendships that were made

During the first few years of becoming a parent, it can be very tough to make new friends as ones time is spent focussing on the new arrivals and a new way of life. Shortly after taking Connie to water babies, the weekly trip to the pool became more than just a swimming lesson and quite often ended with a trip to a family friendly pub. We met some lovely people during our water babies journey, with many tears shed at the graduation ceremony.

Jon B

Great experience for baby and me

It was a great experience, my son loved spending time in the water and he bonded a lot with our instructor. I was amazed to see how quickly he learned and was picking up new things while spending time with me and bonding through swimming.


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Caroline's Friendship Story

Becci and I discovered that we went to the same primary school, were born in the same hospital, both lived in Lincoln at the same time and Becci lives across the close from my uncle. We could have crossed paths many times before but it was Water Babies that brought us together!

I can't wait for Polly and Elspeth's friendship to grow as they get older and see how their little characters develop. I'm glad both Polly and I have made amazing friends. Becci and I will be friends till we are old and grey. 

- Caroline, Water Babies customer

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