Childrens Alliance

Giving children the best start in life

Most people don’t realise how much a child’s first five years will impact their physical and mental wellbeing for life. 

We want to change that.

The Childrens Alliance are working on this in two ways:

Firstly by giving children in the community access to water; this could be in the form of swimming lessons, transport to lessons, swimwear and water play equipment.

Secondly, through thier campaign to get children and young people considered in government policy as healthy children will lead to healthy adults.

childrens alliance

What we’ll drive our Children's Alliance campaign to achieve: 

  • Champion the importance of our children.  
  • Improve their physical and mental health.
  • Push equality and inclusiveness.
  • Inspire the potential of the next generations.
water babies and childrens alliance

Our Goal

We approach our goal from two directions, through our community work and our campaign.

Making a difference in the first five years of children’s lives is vital. The work we do aims to champion the importance of our children and inspire the potential of the next generation.

We approach our goal from two directions, through our community work and our campaign.

Working with like-minded organisations and actively fundraising to support key projects, we will be able to provid emore outreach into our communities and effect real change to the health and well being of children and young people in the UK.

paul thompson and childrens alliance


Tommy's are a pregnancy charity working to make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth, supported by people who refuse to accept that a baby's death is just 'one of those things'. The people who support them want to do something about the lack of research and information around pregnancy issues. Like Tommy's, they believe every parent has the right to a healthy pregnancy and baby.