From Wiggles to Waves: A Beginner's Guide to Fitting Happy Nappy & Jammers

As you embark on your Water Babies journey, we understand navigating the world of reusable swim nappies for your little one can be a bit overwhelming, especially for newcomers. That's why we've put together this handy guide to help you ensure the perfect fit and optimal comfort for your child during their swimming sessions. From selecting the right size to checking for proper coverage and snugness, we'll walk you through each step, making sure you feel confident and prepared every splash of the way.  

Firstly, let’s talk about the main differences between the Happy Nappy and Jammers. The Happy Nappy is a shaped reusable swim nappy made of neoprene, featuring specialist fabric on the waist and thighs to form a secure seal which will hold in solids. The Happy Nappy sizes available are from newborn to 4 – 5 years. 

The Jammers offer the same assurance of a Happy Nappy™ but in a more grown up and sporty design, so toddlers won’t feel like they’re wearing a swim nappy! Also made from neoprene with snug waist, the Jammers feature medical grade silicone seals around the thighs, to hold in solids. The Jammers run in sizes from 2 – 3 years to 5 – 6 years. 

And now, without further a-do, let’s get ready to make a splash in style! 

Happy Nappy & Jammers Dressing Guide 

  • Step 1: Begin by holding the Happy Nappy™ or Jammers with the front facing outward. Using both hands, gently scrunch down the top until your thumbs emerge through the leg holes. This will create a thick band of material with the leg holes positioned at the bottom. 
  • Step 2: Take one leg at a time and carefully stretch the leg hole open to accommodate your little one’s leg. Slide it up onto the top of their thigh, before repeating the process for the second leg. 
  • Step 3: With the Happy Nappy™ or Jammers securely positioned on their thighs, lift your child and pull the back of the nappy or Jammers up over their bottom. You may find gently "jumping" your little one into it helps to ensure a snug fit around their bottom and tummy. 
  • Step 4: Once the Happy Nappy or Jammers are in place, check the ribs around the thighs lay flat and the waist rib is pulled up to their belly button, ensuring a comfortable fit with no twisting or gaps. 

The Importance of a right fit 

Making sure your little one is always wearing the right size of Happy Nappy ensures they can move freely in the pool, without any discomfort or restrictions, helping them feel secure and happy. The snug fit is also essential to avoid accidents during your lesson. We strongly suggest trying on the swim nappies before your first swim session to ensure the fit is right, your child is comfortable, and you can easily put it on. Always opt for a nappy which fits snugly against the body and avoid buying a reusable swim nappy with the expectation your little one will grow into it; believe us, it won't perform as needed. Before each swim, we also recommend inspecting your reusable nappy for any signs of wear and tear.  

Need some guidance on how to check your Happy Nappy or Jammers? Then keep reading, we’ve got you covered! 

Happy Nappy Check Fit: 

  1. The Lycra waist band should sit snugly against your baby's waist, with the leg cuffs secure against the leg with no gaping or flappy bits.  
  2. No under nappy should be visible once the Happy Nappy is on. This breaks the seal and allows leaks to escape!  
  3. You should be able to fit two fingers up the Happy Nappy and two down the waist, which you should be able to pull comfortably up to their tummy. 
  4. When fitting the nappy, pull it up to the top of your baby's legs before pulling it over the under-nappy and up to the waist. The waistband should sit high on the tummy, above the belly button. No red marks should be left by the Happy Nappy over your little one's skin. 
  5. If the nappy keeps slipping down, it may be too big, or the Lycra fibres in the waistband may have worn out. To check, gently pull the waistband and release it—it should immediately bounce back and stay snug against your baby's skin. If there's any looseness or it doesn't hold its position, it's time for a new nappy. 
  6. Always measure around your little one's waist (we recommend belly button height!) and around the top of the thighs when ordering your Happy Nappy. 

Jammers Check Fit: 

  1. The waist band should sit snugly against your little one's waist, which you should be able to pull comfortably up to their tummy. 
  2. Ensure no under nappy is visible once the Jammers are on. This ensures a proper seal and prevents leaks from escaping. 
  3. You should be able to fit two fingers down the waist, no red marks should be left by the Jammers over your little one's skin. 
  4. Make sure the silicone seal you'll find down the Jammers, located in the rib at the bottom, stays against the thighs. This is vital to stop nasties in the pool!   
  5. Same than with the Happy Nappy, if the jammers continually slip down, it could be either too large or the Lycra fibres in the waistband may have deteriorated. To confirm, gently tug the waistband and let go— it should promptly spring back and remain snug against your child’s skin. If there's any slackness or it fails to maintain its position, it's time for a new pair of Jammers. 
  6. When ordering your Jammers, be sure to measure around your little one's waist (ideally at belly button height) and around the top of their thighs. 

We hope this dressing and sizing guide for Happy Nappy and Jammers has been helpful in ensuring your little one is comfy and ready to make a splash with confidence. At Water Babies, we're dedicated to providing you and your little one with the best possible swimming experience, including reliable swim gear, so you can both relax and focus on enjoying your time in the water. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Water Babies teacher or any member of our team.  

Happy swimming! 

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