Introducing our new Global Brand Ambassador, Olympic Marathon Swimmer, Alice Dearing

Introducing our new Global Brand Ambassador

Alice Dearing is a British swimmer who specialises in open water events. She is one of the top marathon swimmers in Britain and the World, and was the first black woman to represent Team GB at a swimming event at the Olympics. 

She is now in training and hopes to compete at the Paris Olympics in 2024, but still finds time to inspire others into the pool, both through her work as co-founder of the Black Swimming Association, and now in her role as global ambassador for Water Babies.

Alice shares our beliefs that swimming is for everyone and is passionate about raising awareness about the benefits that swimming can bring to early years, and how this can have a positive impact in later life (and not just in the pool).

Alice Dearing said of her partnership with Water Babies:

“I started swimming at lessons with my brother when we were very young. I had no idea that I would go on to compete and represent Great Britain, I just knew that I loved swimming lessons! That early introduction gave me confidence in the water, and taught me how to be safe and start swimming.  

Having learned the  foundations of swimming so young, by the time I was 8 I started competitive swimming. I never thought I would get to the Olympics, and I didn’t aim for it particularly, I just looked to the next stage and kept moving up through the competitions, so when my chance came to compete for Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics I took it, and I’m really hoping to show what I can do at the Paris Olympics in 2024.  

I think about what young me at swimming lessons would have thought if someone had told me I would one day have the chance to go to the Olympics, and it makes me quite emotional! I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’m so grateful to my family for taking me swimming, and for the teachers and coaches that helped me reach my potential.  

That’s why I wanted to partner with Water Babies. It’s so important that everyone gets the chance to learn how to swim from a young age. It could save their life one day! I love to see babies and toddlers laughing and splashing in the water and learning those important water skills in a fun and supportive environment. As Water Babies is the world’s largest baby swimming school it was a natural fit for me, and our values align so well - we both want to inspire people to get into the water and enjoy the benefits of swimming.  

Today’s Water Babies could be taking my place at the Olympics in 20 years!”