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It’s hard to believe we’re 11 years old, and even harder to believe that way back at the very beginning, in 2002, there was no social media: nobody had heard of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest. Now here I am “blogging” - just goes to show how important it is to keep changing and adapting to the forever-evolving world around us.

Water Babies is a fast moving, dynamic place. Indeed we like to think that in our own modest way, we add to the world’s progressive evolution. So it may not come as too much of a surprise for you to know that over the past 11 years we’ve built and rolled out not one, or two but three websites. And not only were each of them of their time but they also pushed the envelope just a little.

So here we are, in true Water Babies style with fandabadosi website no.4!

I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it - feedback so far has been great, people have found it informative, practical and fun. You can register for classes; meet Digi the lovable Otter who’ll swim you around our world of underwater photography and make it easy for you to book onto a shoot near you (“ker-splash, ker-lick!”); buy a wide range of fab products from our handy store manager Octo; get great offers through our membership club ‘WaterWorld’; leave reviews … it’s a long way from our first website in 2002 on which you could do…well…a lot of reading, albeit great reading J

Website no.1 was, of course, one of the corner stones of our marketing mix and it served us very well as we raced from launch to teaching 100 clients in our first term. And a large number of those very first clients went out of their way to comment on how the quality and professionalism of the information on the site gave them the confidence to take their most precious little bundles to our magical underwater world. We’ve always been determined to maintain that and I hope you’ll agree that, even though we now teach over 35,000 clients a week through a network of 52 family owned outlets, our website continues to have that feel at its heart.

But there was something else our clients said about the way we talked to them through the site….we kept it simple. When writing our copy we always try and put ourselves in the position of those new parents who’ve just stumbled out of bed for the 3rd time that night to settle their lovable (but noisy!) bundle and decide, while they’re feeding or changing or winding their baby, that it might be a good idea to find out about Water Babies…normally because the new friends they’ve met at their post-natal group have not only told them how good the classes are - but more importantly, how well their babies sleep afterwards!

So to simple but intelligent, fun and colorful, informative and professional, we can now add as we share, tweet and blog… integrative. And as we shop, book onto photo shoots and register for those oh so special classes … practical.

We really hope you enjoy our site - we’ve had a lot of fun building it for you so would love to hear what you think!


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