Things don't stand still for long in Water Babies!

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It’s a well-known fact that things never stand still for long in the Water Babies family - and what a few months we’ve just had!

Cue drum roll ... after two years of study, research, developing qualifications and undertaking professional training we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of WaterBumps - our brand new offering of gentle water-based exercise classes for mums (whether new or not-so-new!), mums-to-be and bumps (all delivered, as you’d expect, in our own unique way). Launching this week in Bristol & Bath, we expect to see this roll out across the UK from next year. Feedback from trials has been great and our strap line perfectly sums up why: ‘A splash of time for you’.

Few know, but we receive a large number of enquiries every week to take our lessons to all four corners of the globe (the Maldives was my personal favourite, can’t think why!), so for some time now we’ve been planning to spread our water wings. So I’m truly delighted to let you know that this summer has seen us make a splash in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Wellington, New Zealand. Neither are the Maldives, but both are just as exciting in their own right. And we’re not stopping there: we’re confident that Toronto, Canada and Munich, Germany are not too far behind …

Meanwhile, our first international venture, Ireland, continues to go from strength to strength with Therese and Carol in Dublin becoming the first Water Babies franchise to teach 2,000 babies and toddlers a week! They’ve also been swept up in a mini whirlwind of media attention, featuring in national press and on the main radio stations over there. In fact one mum heard them on the radio in the morning, rang the office there and then and was in her very first class right after lunch … talk about striking while the iron’s hot!

And as if all this wasn’t enough, we’re proud as punch that the awards and accolades keep rolling in too! Over the last year we’ve been taking part in the HSBC Global Connections award, which is the largest business competition of its type designed to find and showcase the brightest, most innovative companies across the UK. For the purposes of the awards, the country is divided into five regions, with literally thousands of companies applying. Spectacularly, over the summer we were crowned winners in our South West region, thus recognising Water Babies as one of just a tiny handful of businesses regarded amongst the best in Britain. Needless to say we were both humbled and very proud.

Like I said, things don’t stand still for long in Water Babies …


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