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We've been speaking to Little Dish who have shared their top 5 tips for getting your little ones interested in their food...

“At Little Dish we believe in making delicious, healthy food for children without adding salt or sugar. Over the years we’ve learnt how to create tastes children love without taking shortcuts. Here are our top tips for happy tummies and empty plates!”

  1. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Squeeze half a lemon onto steamed broccoli florets or green beans for a tasty twist. Little helpers will love being in charge of the squeezing!
  2. Chop, chop! Ask your little one to use their children’s scissors to help chop fresh herbs and sprinkle them into their food - children are more likely to try new tastes if they’ve helped create them.
  3. Introduce a new tastes reward chart, and celebrate with stickers when your little one tries a new taste for the first time.
  4. Take the super spice challenge! Put a pinch of each spice on a plate and challenge children to smell and sprinkle them. How many can they name?
  5. Encourage little green fingers! Plant some herbs with your children and put them in charge of the watering. Little ones will be more willing to try herbs in their food if they have grown them themselves!

We’ve teamed up with Little Dish to give 3 lucky winners 3 free 'My First Pizzas'! It's easy to enter, just log into Treats here!

With 35% less salt than other children’s pizzas*, these tasty pizzas are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives and no added sugar. Plus, each pizza provides at least 1 of a child’s recommended 5-a-day, thanks to generous toppings and hidden carrot puree in the bases.

*35% less salt when compared against the average salt content (per 100g) in all children’s chilled pizza found in UK supermarkets

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