Introducing Your Baby to Halloween

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Whether dressing up in a spooky costume or buying some baby-friendly treats, introducing your little one to Halloween is the start of a fun family tradition. There are lots of ways to make Halloween exciting for babies, although it may seem challenging at first. Halloween is the perfect time to introduce your baby to new sights and sounds that will really catch their attention; it is important that they are a part of the celebrations, even if they are too young to participate in many of the typical activities.

Halloween has changed so much over the years that baby-friendly activities are now as standard as decorations and sweets. However, since you are so spoilt for choice, it can be hard to know where to begin. Therefore, we have put together a handy guide on how to introduce Halloween to your little one. So, stock up on snacks, pick out your favourite pumpkins and discover some incredible ways to celebrate Halloween with your baby.

Turn your home into a haunted house

When getting into the Halloween spirit, it can prove challenging to make the scariest night of the year baby-friendly. Still, you can work some magic at home (it’s the right time of year after all!). With a few spooky skeletons, creepy cobwebs and freaky festive props, your home will be transformed into a ‘terrifying’ haunted house. Doing this will acquaint your baby with a range of new textures and colourful patterns, keeping them entertained throughout the celebrations while simultaneously showing them how fun Halloween can be.

Wear a costume

As every Halloween enthusiast knows, the right costume is key, and with your little one joining in on the fun, finding an amazing outfit to wear is even more important. Dressing up as a family is not only a great way to set the Halloween mood in your household but also the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby during this special time of year. Be sure to do some careful coordination so that you and your child both look great throughout the festivities, whether you pick them out something that screams scary or more of a neutral newborn Halloween outfit.

Stock up on snacks

Even if you do not have a particularly sweet tooth, eating candy on Halloween is a time-honoured tradition; however, contrary to certain popular idioms, it is not advisable to give candy to a baby. Fortunately, there are many readily available alternatives, so your bundle of joy can appreciate one of the best bits of Halloween. For older babies who can chew, fruits such as mango, pears and bananas cut up into bite-sized pieces are excellent substitutes for sweets, as delicious as they are nutritious. Introducing younger infants to the food side of the festivities requires a little more creativity; pumpkin baby purees and themed teething biscuits are both great choices when it comes to Halloween treat time.

Get them a gift

Marking your baby’s first Halloween is an amazing milestone, and every milestone deserves to be recognised with a symbolic, sentimental gift. Whether buying or making your own, Halloween gifts for babies should be extra special. Choosing a present for them to relish at that moment or when they are older is entirely up to you; if you are picking something thoughtful and meaningful, the possibilities are endless. It may also be good to turn gift-making into a family activity your baby can take part in; this way, everyone gets to enjoy a fun bonding experience while crafting keepsakes to cherish for years to come.

Take them to a children’s festival

Babies like to be active, and Halloween is a great excuse to think outside the box with regards to your little one’s physical activity. Something to consider would be taking them to a children’s festival. This would not only give your baby the chance to engage in some entertaining, kid-focused activities but also the opportunity to meet and get used to new and different people. Look out for age-appropriate events in your local area that you feel your baby would have fun at and watch with pride as they socialise with children their own age while, at the same time, celebrating Halloween with you, never too far away.

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