How to Pick Your Baby’s Bathing Suits

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What swimsuits your baby wears are really, really important. And what makes it even more difficult choosing the right ones is the sheer variety available; ruffled bottoms, cute prints, suits with your little one’s favourite character on them – it can be a bit overwhelming! We all want what’s best for our children – that’s a parent’s mantra. But it’s tough thinking practically about every single aspect of your baby’s life, especially when there’s so much to keep track of. Never fear: once again, Water Babies comes to the rescue! We’ve put together a handy guide for parents who may be unsure about the best baby bathing suits to keep their little bundles of joy comfy and well protected while making a splash in the pool or on the beach.

Why it’s important to pick the right bathing suits for your baby

There’s no getting around the fact that babies are delicate; once born, they’re uniquely vulnerable to harm from environmental factors. As such, babies require more protection than adults to ensure they develop as they’re supposed to. Taking your baby swimming for the first time can be incredibly nerve-racking; newborns learning how to be at home in the water is one of many important milestones of their growth, and it’s crucial that you – as a parent – pay close attention to your child’s specific needs. Making certain they’re wearing the best bathing suits for them means that your baby will have everything they could ever need to splash about with confidence – this’ll only make teaching them to swim an easier and more enjoyable experience!

Of course, there’s also staying safe in the sun to think about. In fact, if you plan on taking them abroad and letting them play the ways away on the beach, this is probably the most vital point to remember. Whatever the time of year, babies need to be protected from the sun’s intense UV rays. And when they go swimming, it’s particularly important that they’re properly covered up; the reflectiveness of the water only enhances the strength of sunlight. Because they’ve got thinner skin, babies burn a lot quicker. Also, their larger skin ratio means that any sunburn on a baby is much more serious than on an adult, so it’s imperative their bathing suits offer optimum UV protection.

Can I check whether my baby’s bathing suits are correct?

There’s no exact science to determine if your baby’s happy with their bathing suits. The easiest thing would be to keep an eye on them whilst they’re wearing one; if there’re any visible signs of discomfort or they cry a lot when you put it on them, it could be time for a change. A baby’s like an open book when it comes to what they need and what they’re trying to avoid, so be sure to read between the lines and double-check they’ve got the best swimsuits for their needs and environment.

Tips for picking the perfect baby bathing suits

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there’s quite a bit to consider regarding the swimsuits you choose for your baby – especially while they’re learning how to swim. However, it needn’t be so complicated. After all, their time in the water should be cherished; it’s a stage in every baby’s life that all parents ought to enjoy. Here are some straightforward things to bear in mind when buying bathing suits for your baby:

  • Care about the design. There’re many styles suitable for your bundle of joy; one-piece costumes serve both boys and girls, but plenty of two-piece options exist as well. Feel free to choose designs that include frills and prints, colourful polka dots, or nautical stripes – if your baby is cosy and safely covered up, that’s all that matters!
  • Make sure they fit properly. To keep your baby comfortable, you should see to it that all their swimsuits are a perfect fit. You should also choose pieces with a little give to them; this’ll come in handy as your little one grows, especially when they start swimming more frequently. Remember: not too loose, not too tight, but just right!
  • Look for swimsuits that provide protection. Sun cream shouldn’t be relied upon; it doesn’t always work on babies, and in the case of very young infants is a complete no-no. For complete peace of mind, protect your child’s skin from most harmful UV rays with the right baby bathing suits.
  • To guarantee your little one stays fully shaded from the sun as much as possible, add a selection of protective swimwear accessories to their outfit.

What does a baby bathing suit consist of?

A baby’s bathing suit is really whatever you want it to be. Apart from the top and bottom garments – which may, in the case of one-piece costumes, be the same – you have the freedom to choose what else your little one wears when they go swimming.

You just need to be smart about what you include; some items that’ll guarantee your baby’s maximum comfort while in the water have been outlined below:

  • Rash guards. This long-sleeved shirt is an excellent idea, as it’ll protect your baby from skin irritation caused by constantly moving and wriggling about in their suits!
  • Bucket-shaped hats. Helping shade their face and neck from the sun, you can stop worrying about your baby getting burnt and let them play about in the pool or on the beach to their heart’s content.
  • A high-quality pair of sunglasses will provide extra protection and comfort for your baby’s delicate eyes while they’re splashing around without a care in the world (just make sure they don’t mind having them on their face for long periods!).
  • Your baby’s sensitive skin can get very cold very quickly once they’re out of the water; prevent them from getting chilly with effective cover-ups.

Where can I get first-rate baby bathing suits?

Water Babies has a wide selection of baby swimwear you can choose from; boys and girls are well catered for with our specially designed items!

Whatever you decide, it’s always a safe bet to trust your instincts regarding baby bathing suits. If your little one can’t seem to settle in their outfit, then you should take steps to find out what’s causing their discomfort and remedy it. There’re loads of ways to ensure your child is dressed correctly for playtime in the water; all it takes is a little preparation and you’ll be watching with pride as your baby splashes happily whilst looking and feeling great!

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