A lovely poem from Niall x

A big 'thank you' to Kellie Vaughan & Niall who cameto the end of their amazing Water Babies journey earlier this year. We couldn't resist sharing this with you ...

I started lessons with you at 5 months old

Initially as bonding time with my mum

At first I loved it, thought it was fun

The smile on my face each time I was thrown in

But as I got older the wobbles set in

I wouldn’t lie down

Or do anything

My mum wanted to give up

Didn’t know what to do

But with her heart swimming was perused

I've been through 5 teachers all amazing and bright

Who I learnt something new from and found delight

First there was Steve, and the Water Babies car

Then came Portia Potter all full of bubbles

Louise then followed and continued the fun,

Esme who pushed me,

And Vicki Callaway who witnessed how far I have come

All my teachers were brilliant and had their own way

Of helping me get to complete my width that day

And now I see that swimming is fun

I can do it myself and will let go of mum

Diving is my favourite thing

I would like an Olympic medal to win

I have big boy lessons to carry on

My mum she is proud

"Water Babies is the best!" she shouts loud

So we just want to say

Thank you and we love you

A new journey awaits us

But we will always remember it started with you.

Love Niall

Posted 6th December 2013   Tags fun water babies amazing journey lessons love mum swimming teachers

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