A day in the life of a Water Babies teacher

This month we have a guest post from one of our splashtastic Water Babies teachers, the lovely Vicki Oldfield, who teaches classes across South Manchester. How did you first get into Water Babies? I don’t remember a time when I haven’t swum. Swimming was what we did as a family and it’s what Sunday mornings were all about - hot chocolate and Maryland cookies out of the vending machine, overpowering that very familiar swimming pool aroma! I… Read more

Posted 1st October 2015  Tags water babies lessons swimming wobbles teacher


Drowning Prevention Week

We’ve been chatting with Anna from the Royal Life Saving Society UK, in support of Drowning Prevention Week, who's shared their top tips on how to stay water safe! I love swimming, but I can’t really remember learning to swim. It feels instinctive now, yet swimming is a learned skill. Like many children, my little sister and I were very young when we were taught by our instructor Jerry. Being young was no barrier to learning… Read more

Posted 12th June 2015  Tags water safety life saving baby swimming RLSS


WaterBumps Postnatal

Congratulations- you've had a baby! The minute you get pregnant the hormone relaxin kicks in which prepares your pelvis for childbirth. This hormone relaxes all your joints throughout pregnancy and will stay in you until you stop breast feeding – though this will lessen over time. You may still have quite high levels of relaxin in you, even after your 6 – 10 week Post Natal (PN) check-up. It is important to remember that… Read more

Posted 13th April 2015  Tags waterbumps Postnatal


International waters!

Hello! Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post, it’s been a busy few months here at Water Babies. Not many of you will know this, but Water Babies receives enquiries to start classes from numerous countries from around the world on a weekly basis; the Maldives being my favourite request for some reason… Four years ago we dipped our toes into the international waters and started in the Emerald Isle and… Read more

Posted 10th March 2015  Tags Water Babies international


New resolutions to keep (or break again)!

Each year we promise ourselves to change, quit or start something new. So if you haven’t already here are some New Year resolutions for 2015 that you might want to pick… 1. Lose weight - A favourite for most, especially after over eating and indulging on turkey, cheese, Christmas pudding, mince pies, chocolate, mulled wine…. (wow, who else ate too much?). 2. Go to baby groups - A great way for you and your little one to meet new friends,… Read more

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