Healthy choices, right from the start!

With one in three children in the UK now either overweight or obese, and recent reports suggesting that 85% of these children are likely to become obese in adulthood if the issue isn’t addressed, instilling good habits at a young age is becoming increasingly important, especially as healthy children are much more likely to grow into healthy adults.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for little ones. It develops learning skills, boosts confidence, improves co-ordination and enhances wellbeing. What’s more, swimming stimulates their appetite – babies and toddlers are usually pretty hungry after such a good workout, which is why we always say to be prepared to feed them or offer a snack afterwards!

Undoubtedly, as we start to introduce our babies to solids, choosing the right nutrition becomes a big priority. Most of the time we’re careful what we feed our little ones, but with the labelling on foodstuffs often complicated, sometimes what we think is healthy is actually packed full of sugar, salt and saturated fat which could be harmful in the long term.

However, help is at hand! Public Health England’s new Change4Life initiative is urging mums and dads to be smart about how they eat with the launch of a new ‘Be Food Smart’ app. Packed with hints and tips to help us make healthier choices for our families, this family-friendly app makes it easier than ever to monitor what’s inside our food and drink.

One healthy alternative is the Piccolo range of baby food, which is based on the concept of Mediterranean Goodness. Their balanced range of smooth, organic fruit & veg purées and textured meals is made with only natural ingredients, ensuring little ones gets a varied diet that's full of exciting new flavours.

So happy swimming AND bon apetit!