Drown-proofing your child - the baby swimming industry speaks out

Baby swimming is a wonderful sensory activity, with lots of benefits for both you and your little one. But in recent times, videos showing distressed young children being taught so-called ‘drown-proofing’ methods have been going viral across social media and gaining increased media attention in the UK.

Classes promoting these ‘survival’ methods involve toddlers being taught, and forced, to roll on their backs to float.

Today, a new report titled ‘Sink or Swim’ has been published by the UK baby swimming industry to argue the case against these more aggressive teaching methods, based on current scientific research.

As a leading baby swimming school, we're actively supporting the main bodies involved in baby swimming - The RLSS, Swim England, Birthlight and the STA - and the publication of the 'Sink or Swim' report. To find out more click here.