Franchising in New Zealand

A great way to grow a great business

Water Babies launched in Wellington in February 2015. It has been an incredible success in New Zealand’s capital city, with the single franchise teaching over 100 babies per week at 3 venues.

Classes across Wellington are run by Kelly Williams who, after hearing one of her close friends raving about how wonderful the swimming lessons were when she was living in the UK, decided to find out more.

She was hooked after the 1st lesson and made the decision to leave the corporate world of HR behind to train as a Water Babies teacher – which she duly did (whilst having another Water Baby of her own) - and she’s been completely in love with her change of career and teaching lots of happy babies and toddlers to swim ever since.

“As a parent, the classes were the highlight of my week and so I’m delighted to be bringing this wonderful experience to lots of Kiwi families back in my home town of Wellington,” Kelly continues.

“I want to change the concept in New Zealand that babies shouldn’t swim until they’re 6 months old – bringing them into the water much earlier is such an important lifesaving skill, an amazing bonding experience for them and their parents and is also a fantastic medium to allow them to exercise and build their stamina in a way that they just can’t do on dry land.”