Franchising in Ireland

A great way to grow a great business

Water Babies launched in the Emerald Isle at the outset of Ireland’s economic crash in 2009. Despite the challenging financial climate, Ireland has been one of our biggest success stories.

The country was mapped into 6 territories – 2 incorporating the capital, Dublin, run by Carol and Therese, and 4 others around Ireland. The 1st venture in Dublin became our fastest growing Water Babies franchise ever: by the end of their 1st year they were teaching 1,000 babies and toddlers every week – a milestone that took 4 years for our 1st UK franchise to reach – and today they teach over 2,000!

On the East coast, Jamie & Lisa (former Dublin clients) opened Water Babies around Galway in 2011. Then in 2012, 2 of our Dublin teachers, together with their partners, took Water Babies further afield - Denise & Dave around Cork in the South West; and Elaine & George around Waterford in the South East. All 3 are doing swimmingly!

With Therese & Carol going on to purchase the 2nd Dublin territory, 5 of the 6 available franchises in Ireland were sold and the number of babies & toddlers taught now accounts for 10% of the network total - all within 6 years. Not a bad 1st international step!