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Baby swimming with Water Babies is an exciting, enriching experience for both you and your little one. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills, too. No one else reaches our high standards of professionalism, and no one else works harder to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe. And we always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby!

Classes across Scotland Central are run by husband-and-wife team Wendy and Derek Lambie. When Derek met one of Water Babies’ co-founders, Jess Thompson, on a charity cycle ride in Peru, it was to change his family life forever. “When our baby Jorja was born, Jess’ gift to us was a Water Babies course,” recalls Wendy. By the end of the first term, Wendy was so blown away by the whole experience that she decided to swap her previous career as a pharmacist for a life in the swimming pool with Water Babies!

“I’m still amazed by the safety skills Jorja developed from a very young age,” Wendy explains, “including practically pulling herself out of the pool. Now that was impressive!”

Water has always been a big part of Wendy’s life, and she swam competitively as a teenager. “Derek was rather more apprehensive around water when I first met him,” she says. “But taking Jorja, and then our little boy, Shaw along to classes helped. So much so, in fact, that he's gone from being more or less a non-swimmer to a fully-fledged Water Babies teacher!”

The wonderfully enthusiastic Iona is the friendly voice in the office, while a team of highly qualified teachers completes the Water Babies crew. They’d love to hear from you, so why not give them a call? You can find them on Facebook at Water Babies (Scotland Central, Fife & Perthshire), or join their Facebook Group where you'll find a warm welcome waiting for you.

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Spring is in the air, so come and join us in one of our toasty, warm pools. It is the perfect time to get your little one into our amazing swimming classes. We swim in lovely warm water pools across the Forth Valley, Cumbernauld, Perthshire & Fife! Chapter 1 classes are for babies under 12 months of age, though we can take them right from birth in our hydrotherapy pools! We swim 7 days a week so we are sure to have a class to suit you.

By joining our classes you will benefit from teaching your baby vital life-saving skills, water confidence, parent/carer bonding and of course the skills for a strong foundation in learning to swim.

Don’t forget our Chapter 1 Package also includes:- a special welcome pack, your very own swimming Story Book (complete with stickers to chart your little one's journey with us), access to our exclusive online world, end-of-term cloth achievement badges, and also complimentary attendance at our fabulous underwater photo shoot! (prints and images are an additional charge)

To register, or for more information, send us an email to makeasplash@waterbabies.co.uk, send us a private message on our facebook page (Water Babies Scotland Central) or give us a call on 01786 430314, to speak to a friendly voice.



A unique part of our programme is ‘The Magical World of Water Babies’ that sets out the journey you will go on together term by term, detailing the skills you will learn on the way. Once booked into a Chapter 1 class you will receive a lovely new journey book in the post, containing stickers that allow you to chart your progress through each new skill, each new milestone and each new term over the duration of the entire four-year Water Babies adventure. It also serves as a record of your little one’s Water Babies experience and has spaces for you to put in pictures of them, note personal milestones and it also contains many of the songs we sing in class. It’s a wonderful book, and a lifetime keepsake. Looking through it you will be able to see what is coming up in future courses, and see what you and your little one will be covering term by term. It truly is unique.

Because it’s a story, our programme is split into Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and so on right up to Chapter 17 when your little one leaves us around aged four.

And it doesn’t stop there, because at the end of each Chapter we reward all our little swimmers with cloth badges that can be sewn onto their swim costumes, or a towel, as a way of celebrating all they have achieved! :)