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Baby swimming with Water Babies is an exciting, enriching experience for both you and your little one. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills, too. No one else reaches our high standards of professionalism, and no one else works harder to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe. And we always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby!

Classes across Cornwall & South Devon are run by Kate Evans, a former A&E registrar. When it proved difficult to juggle hospital hours with her young family, Kate found the answer to her working dilemma after she and GP husband Paul discovered Water Babies with their children, Polly & Sam.  

“Unusually, I’d learnt to swim as a baby myself,” Kate recalls (we’ve always said it makes you brainy). “I could swim 3 miles when I was just 6 years old. So with our own children, it quickly became the one activity we’d never miss. Polly adored it from the start. If I’m honest, Sam was originally rather more fowl than fish, but now the confidence and fun they both enjoy in water is amazing.”

Kate’s medical background is invaluable to us at Water Babies’ head office, and she's heavily involved with our new paediatric safety course. Locally, her background helps with things like reassuring nervous parents. “I do get a lot of questions about general medical problems like colic and reflux,” she admits, “but it's great to be able to continue to share my knowledge!”

The wonderfully enthusiastic Jemma is the friendly voice in the office, while a team of highly qualified teachers completes the Water Babies crew. They’d love to hear from you, so why not give them a call? Or check out the banter on the Water Babies Cornwall & South Devon Facebook page.

Local news

The next new term begins from September and spaces fill very fast!! Why not join our waiting / mailing list now and register you details today! Call 01752 605627! 

How to choose the right class for your baby?

When to start?

Your baby can start swimming from birth. The sooner you start, the easier it is and it will be second nature to your little one who has been surrounded by fluid for 9 months in the womb. But what’s also very important is that you are ready too, if you don’t feel quite ready yet, dads or other family members are more than welcome to be with babies in the pool.

What pool to choose?

If your baby is less than 12 weeks or 12lbs they will need to start swimming in a hydrotherapy pool which is heated to 34°C or above. (those marked *). If your baby is 12+ weeks and weighs more than 12lbs they can swim at any of our venues which are 30 degrees or above. (Normal leisure centres are a cooler 27-28 degrees)

What day & time to choose?

It’s important that you and your baby are relaxed when you arrive for your lesson. Try to choose a day when you don’t have too many other commitments. Many parents choose to modify their little ones routine ever so slightly on the day they swim to allow for feeding and sleeping times and chances are your baby will sleep well after the class, leaving you to get lots done (or join them for a snooze).

Our early evening ‘bath time’ classes are very popular with parents, allowing you to get baby ready for bed right after the lesson and (usually) get a great night’s sleep!

Our Auturm term will begin from Monday 31th August and will run for 10 weeks until Saturday 14th November. (Excluding half term with no swimming 26th - 31st October)

Your inclusive underwater photo shoot sitting is held in Ivybridge on Sunday 15nd November. (Save the date!)

Some classes are existing Chapter 2 level classes with limited spaces. This means the group have swam for ten weeks but have spaces for older beginners to join in.We will send you more details of skills to practise beforehand and its perfect if you have already been swimming with your little one or attended a taster session with us.

The cost of our 10 week chapters, including a place on our professional underwater photo shoot is £155 the purchase of any images from the shoot is extra.

When you call to book we will talk through everything you need to know :)

We were thrilled to have Phoenix, the youngest water baby ever, join our classes.

If you want to wait for a later term (we have four a year) If you would like to join our waiting/mailing list to be kept up to date with all things Water Babies, then just send us the following by emailing or clicking on the 'ask about classes' link on this website,

·         Your Full Name

·         Your Landline telephone number

·         Your Mobile Telephone number

·         Your Email Address

·         Your Full Home Address

·         Your little one's name and date of birth or your EDD.

·         How you heard about us?

·         Any relevant Medical Conditions?

·         And please let us know if you would require disabled facilities/equipment at the pool.

We will send you a timetable so you can choose your preferred class, day, time and venue, then you can call us to book, on 01752 605627.

Your details will remain on our waiting/mailing list for all other future term information, but whilst you’re waiting, keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Let’s teach your baby to swim.....

  • We recommend that the sooner you can get your little one into the pool the better. When they are young they are very open to new experiences and of course, they have just spent 9 months in the womb so they actually feel quite at home in the water.  For younger babies (under 6 months) you will need to keep them in a warmer pool if possible, ideally 32 degrees + as they are not able to regulate their body temperatures in the same way we are.
  • Some of our venues offer lovely warm hydrotherapy temperatures perfect for new-borns; the youngest Water Baby was just one day old when he started swimming with us! NHS guidelines say you can take your baby swimming at any time, regardless of whether they’ve had their injections. The high quality of the water required in pools makes the likelihood of transmitting infections very unlikely; plus, the diseases against which your baby is inoculated can’t be carried in chlorinated water anyway. So the right time to start is ‘any time’!
  • Our teachers will guide you through everything and we’re proud to say that we really do have the best baby swimming teachers in the world. Our baby programme is endorsed by the national governing body for swimming, the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), and ours are the only teachers who can obtain a nationally recognised diploma in baby swimming. No other baby & toddler swimming school can say that, so it’s a real testament to our extremely high standard of professional training. Many of our teachers are local parents themselves (and have completed the course with their own children), so understand exactly what you're going through. They’re trained to tune in very carefully to the needs of both you and your baby; this is one of the most magical times in people’s lives so we work incredibly hard to enhance it. Our world-class teachers could have trained as private pilots – five times over – in the 300+ hours it takes them to fully qualify with us. The bar is set very high, and not everyone passes. And, as you’d expect, they’re all DBS-checked. But we believe our standards go a long way towards keeping both your child (and our reputation) as safe as possible.
  • Each lesson is half an hour long and its one parent in the water for the duration of the lesson but you can alternate each week who hops in, it’s also nice to have a dry pair of hands on the pool side. In some of our venues we allow the use of cameras to capture your baby’s first swim with us, please always double check before taking any pictures.
  • All little ones swimming with us are required to wear a double swim nappy system. This can either be a reusable or disposable inner layer and a ‘Happy Nappy’ over the top. (Even if they are toilet trained) The Happy Nappy has snug bands around the legs and the waist to stop any leakages happening whilst you’re in the pool. You can get it from us, they are £9.99 or for a full starter pack, including reusable swim nappy inner, a pack of liners and an outer happy nappy, it’s £15.99. Do also check here in for more information about the classes and what you need to wear.
  • Once you have booked your space we will send you a lovely keep sake scrapbook for your little one called ‘Our Magical Water Babies Story’ this book will become your guide to each chapter and has stickers for you to put in at the time you complete each skill in the lesson. Because it’s a story our programme is split into Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc. there are 17 in total so you can stay until your little one is 4 years old.
  • At the end of your first chapter you have the unique opportunity to attend a professional underwater photo shoot sitting. We aim to make the photo shoot a fun experience, based upon activities from your normal lessons with the photography carefully interwoven. We’ve found this reassuring familiarity to be the best way of ensuring you and your baby can relax and enjoy the event! Held in the very warm waters of our hydro pool in Ivybridge nr Plymouth it’s the best place to capture those magical underwater moments.

Our next shoot date is Sunday 2nd August 2015. For more information take a peek at the photos page!

  • You will also receive membership to ‘My Water World’ which is our online club that entitles you to a range of treats and offers each month, giving you money off other baby related products and activities. The best part being, you don’t have to do a thing! The club automatically sends you the latest offers to your inbox each month, so do look out for them as there are often great prizes and giveaways as well!
  • The cost is £155 for the ten lessons and includes the photo shoot sitting at the end. (The purchase of any images from the shoot is extra)

Finally....our main aim is to enable your child to be incredibly confident and happy in the water, right from the word go. Clients tell us that it’s a fantastic bonding time and often increases their confidence in water just as much as their child’s. With little ones swimming short distances independently by as young as 30 months our unique programme speaks for itself! 

Taster sessions...

Each term we run a few FREE taster classes, our next ones will be in July.

Taster sessions are free of charge, we just ask that you bring along your own neoprene swim nappy (Neo or SplashAbout).

Spaces are limited so do give us a call to find out more or to book on for one.


Once your little one has progressed to the toddler stages of our classes we can award them for their achievements! Your teacher is one of the only teachers who can obtain a nationally recognised diploma in baby swimming. No other baby & toddler swimming school can say that, so it’s a real testament to our extremely high standard of professional training. It’s this training and work with the ASA that means that our teachers are fully qualified to assess and award the ASA stage badges! We are thrilled to be able to award these badges and it comes from a lot work behind the scenes with our teachers and the Amateur Swimming Association.  We’re proud to say that we really do have the best baby swimming teachers in the world. The badges will be awarded when your child meets the criteria set out by the ASA. Generally Stage 1 is awarded at the end of our Toddler 4 level, Stage 2 at the end of our Toddler 8 level and Stage 3 at the end of our Toddler 12 level. Your teacher also continuously works towards distance badges Including 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m & 25m badges! So get clearing some space on the walls for all the certificates to come and get out the needle and thread to sew on the badges!!


Pop on by and like our Facebook page to be kept up to date with all things Water Babies Cornwall & South Devon.

Lots of our little swimmers post amazing videos of their achievements and parents can share reviews and stories with us!

We're always on a Pool Hunt!

Water Babies Cornwall & South Devon is currently looking for private pools across our area to fulfil demand! If you have a lovely warm pool, or you know someone who does, get in touch. The benefits to hiring your pool out to Water Babies are endless....

About our Venues?

All of our venues operate at a minimum of 30 degrees, however we do have hydrotherapy pools available in all areas which are heated to 34 degrees. Any baby who is under 12lbs or 12 weeks old needs to start their swimming journey in water of 32 degrees or more, if you need more details as to the suitability of venues do give us a call. There is room poolside for spectators at all venues so partners and grandparents never miss out on watching little one's magical journey. 

Gift Vouchers

We are very excited to offer gift vouchers - a perfect gift for a baby shower, a birthday or special occasion!  You can use the vouchers towards lessons, photos, toys or nappies....available in any amount you choose, just call to order...01752 605627!

Office Hours

We have full time office hours Monday –Friday 9:00am -5:30pm so you can always reach us! But if we are away from our desk please always leave a message and we will get back to you!