Water Babies Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Baby swimming with Water Babies is an exciting, enriching experience for both you and your little one. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills, too. No one else reaches our high standards of professionalism, and no one else works harder to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe. And we always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby!

Classes across Cambridgeshire & Peterborough are run by Debi Hogston, who's the epitome of reassuring calm, partly due to her previous job: 14 years working as a dental receptionist, nurturing all those nervous clients as they prepared to ‘open wide’.

A natural organiser and always smiling, she was nicknamed ‘mum’ on her Water Babies training course and hasn’t looked back since. She says she has the world’s best job, especially as it never feels like work.

Her favourite things in life include her children, Jake, Lewis and Lily; relaxing with a glass of red wine and hubby, Neil – and she’s even been known to jump 3,000ft out of the back of a small plane (it’s amazing what you can be persuaded to do on a girls’ night out…).

She’d love to hear from you, so why not give her a call? You can find them on Facebook at Water Babies (Peterborough & Cambridge), where you'll find a warm welcome waiting for you.

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The new term is here!! So go on treat yourselves.......

Why not get those Goggles, Wetsuits, Happy Nappies etc that you need!!

We have some fab bundle offers available:

BUNDLE ONE; A happy nappy, a nappy wrap, goggles, and a towel or wrap wetsuit RRP £54.96 OFFER PRICE £40.00

BUNDLE TWO; A happy nappy, a nappy wrap, goggles, and a towelling poncho or warm in one wetsuit RRP £57.47 OFFER PRICE £45.00

Did you know you can buy all toys used in our classes?

All of our fantastic toys that we use in our classes can be bought by calling the office on 01933 277035 or visiting the Water Babies shop at www.waterbabies.co.uk/shop we will can deliver your products to your class too!

Book on and find out what it's all about!

Why miss out on all the fun, give us a call on 01933 277035 and we can get your Chapter 1 package all sorted for you so that you too can start something extraordinary!

Watch your baby progress through our magical journey book- including stickers and badges. What a fabulous keepsake to look back on down the years!!

Calling all Water Babies!!

Capture that special moment of your baby swimming underwater. An underwater photo looks totally amazing on your wall. Go on give it a go or even another go if you loved it the first time round!

Our next photo shoot will be taking place at Phoenix School in Peterborough on Saturday 9th February and is booking up fast, so give us a call now on 01933 277035 or email chasebubba@waterbabies.co.uk to get booked on.

How much do you love your baby swimming classes?

We know you love your lessons so as a thank you for singing about Water Babies, we will give you a free lesson when your friend calls us and books on to a course. Don't forget to tell them to give us your name. So who is going to be the first of you to get a free term of lessons? On your marks, get set, go....... (This can not be applied retrospectively so make sure they give us your name at the time of booking on)



Thursday 4pm Castle School, Cambridge, CB4 2EE - £82.50 starting – 10th January  - swim from birth - FIVE WEEK TERM

Sunday 2.45pm Kingsley School, Kettering, NN15 5DP - £115.50 starting - 20th January - swim from birth - SEVEN WEEK TERM

Sunday 3.30pm DW Sports Fitness, Cambridge, CB1 3ER - £82.50 starting - 13th January - swim from birth - swim from 12 weeks old and 12 lbs in weight - FIVE WEEK TERM


Over 12 months and want to join....

We would still love to give you the opportunity to join our baby and toddler swimming lessons, so give us a call in the office and we can talk you through all the options for getting your toddler started in the water.


Water Babies have introduced the ASA Learn to Swim Badge Scheme into our toddler lessons - our little ones are amazing!

Emails and mobile numbers

Don't forget to let us know if your personal details change otherwise we can't give you all the latest information about what is going on locally, or more importantly let you know if we have to make a change to your lesson at the last minute.

Current term dates

Our new term has started and will run until the middle of February !!