Water Babies Brighton and Mid Sussex

Baby swimming with Water Babies is an exciting, enriching experience for both you and your little one. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills, too. No one else reaches our high standards of professionalism, and no one else works harder to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe. And we always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby!

Classes across Brighton & Mid Sussex are run by Vicki Steven; though with a degree in criminology & criminal justice, an early ambition to be the next ‘Cracker’ and a sideline in cake-baking, you may wonder what brings her to Water Babies!

Vicki first got hooked several years ago when she started taking daughter, Chloe, to lessons. “I was petrified of water while I was growing up, and didn’t learn to swim until later in life,” she recalls, “so I was determined not to pass my fears on to Chloe. My husband, Mike, is a keen triathlete and wanted Chloe to follow in his footsteps – so we started swimming when Chloe was 6 months old.”

A career in marketing was followed by working as business support manager for Water Babies in Berkshire for two years, which reinforced Vicki’s belief that she’d found her true vocation.

Her favourite thing has been watching Chloe’s progression. “I remember her first back-float and her 10m front crawl — both were equally amazing!” she smiles. “I’ve loved every second of my Water Babies journey so far, and I’m now loving spreading the magic across East Sussex.”

Vicki is delighted to have a great team of highly qualified teachers who complete the Water Babies crew – they’d love to hear from you, so why not give them a call? You can find them on Facebook at Water Babies (Brighton & Mid Sussex), where you'll find a warm welcome waiting for you.


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Fancy more Sleep? 

A swim session with Water Babies is the gentle workout you've been waiting for - building strong babies and having fun in warm water comes with a very special side effect - the Water Babies nap! Not just for babies, this sleepy time after can be enjoyed knowing you have more than earned it in the water, and leave you both refreshed :-) Also good for a cheeky uninterrupted shop or lunch!

About our course:

You can now swim with water babies on a rolling monthly payment option, which ranges from £58 - £62 per month dependent on the swim day. This gives you complete flexibility with when you join our programme, our incredible instructors can tailor the progressions to your swimmers needs as always, but you can manage both payments and swim dates one month at a time.

All Chapter 1 swimmers who complete a minimum of 8 sessions will receive a place on the next available underwater photo session. Chapter 1 bookings will receive a welcome pack including a lovely Water Babies journey book to record achievements, bath thermometer, car window blind and little ones also receive a badge at the end of each chapter which is a fab keep sake to look back on in years’ to come. All beginners at any other level will recieve a cloth badge as they graduate through the chapters alongside the water babies journey book.

New Facebook group!

We have just relaunched our Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/WaterBabiesSussexParentsandCarers/ this is the place to share experiences and ask questions of your fellow swimmers and Water Babies staff. Whether you've been swimming with Water Babies for a while, you're a newbie or you're thinking of joining - feel free to take part and help us keep this a welcoming, friendly and safe place to share.


Already started your swimming journey?

If your current classes don't suit or you have finished their programme then we have spaces for you to continue you your swimming journey, call us to find your nearest class.

Tester Sessions?

We have lots of taster sessions available so you can try out the lessons before committing to the full term. For information on dates and times, please call our office 01273 552454

Did you know you can buy all the toys used in our classes?

All of our fantastic toys that we use in our classes can be bought by calling the office on 01273 552454 to be delivered to your class or by visiting our Water Babies shop www.waterbabies.co.uk/shop

We always need more pools....

Water Babies Brighton and Mid Sussex is currently looking for private pools across Brighton, Horsham and Mid Sussex to fufill demand! Please give us a call in the office if you know of any warm indoor pools- We would love to use your pool when you don't!