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The Water Babies Journey

We take babies from birth – and you’ll be astonished by what they can achieve! They’ll have great fun while all the time building their confidence and independence in the water.

  • Baby Swimming

    Bonding, safety, confidence, strength, co-ordination, learning skills, wellbeing… we’ve loads of great reasons to get splashy!


Watery Photo Shoots

When it comes to underwater baby & toddler photography, nobody does it better than us!

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Take a peek at our little swimming stars, and imagine how incredible your own little one could look!
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What People Say

  • Rachel & Betty

    We love Water Babies! Even though Betty went through the wobbles for a fair few months, we persisted and she's come out the other side loving it even more and super confident!

    Rachel & Betty Devon
  • Joan & Esme

    Taking our daughter Esme swimming at only 10 weeks old was quite daunting, especially because she was born 5 weeks premature. We never regret it! It's the best thing we did and we strongly believe it has helped her development. We will never forget our Water Babies experiences and teachers!

    Joan & Esme South West

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How to keep your baby warm this winter
How to keep your baby warm this winter

Crisp, cool days and cosy nights in may be bliss, but if you’ve got a little one, you’ll also be thinking about you can keep them warm enough now that it’s getting chilly. We all know that it’s important to keep babies at the right temperature (whatever the time of year), but come winter, knowing exactly how many layers they need to stay comfortable can get confusing. After all, [baby] it’s cold outside! That’s why we’ve come up with some simple guidelines for parents who may be wondering how best to keep their precious bundles toasty warm all winter long.… Read more

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Latest News

Water Babies sets the safety standards for underwater swims and photoshoots
Water Babies sets the safety standards for underwater swims and photoshoots

Here at Water Babies, our team of highly-trained professionals always ensure that our swimming and underwater photography techniques adhere to the very latest safety standards set by the industry. Not only that, but we initiated and set those standards ourselves! There has been the perception in recent years that some baby swimming lessons place too much of an emphasis on underwater swimming, with concern that techniques used in underwater photography sessions involve too many repeated submersions. We found that some…

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Date Posted. 31st August
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